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Ask your physician tough questions about opioids

Alleviating pain has been a primary focus of my career as a physician anesthesiologist. Just as there are physicians who specialize in treating conditions such as cancer, heart disease or allergies, there are specialists in treating pain. These physicians complete four years of medical school and further training in a specialty, such as anesthesiology, physical medicine, and rehabilitation, psychiatry or neurology, followed by an additional year of training to become an expert in chronic pain.

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Have a Safer hospital stay: Use a checklist

When planning to undergo a surgical procedure, with or without subsequent hospitalization, I always encourage patients to use a method that is a hallmark of patient safety; a checklist. The following is a simple checklist for patients to use before surgery to help them ease any fears about going under the knife as well as afford the feeling of being an active rather than passive participant.

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